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We received a message from the teachers who are essential when talking about doulas to the Doula Ship crew.

I hope that when you come here, you will feel like you have met the teachers, and that you will be able to recharge your courage and love.


Penny Simkin, Penny Simkin

Co-founder of Doulas of North America (DONA) International

To my ‘granddaughter’ doulas

It makes me happy just thinking about how you can support Japanese women and lead them to safer, more satisfying births. Always keep in mind that women remember the birth of their babies vividly and accurately for the rest of their lives. With your sincerity and support, the woman's memories of childbirth will be very positive.


In the name of Doula Spirit,

penny simkin

Original text:

To my doula “granddaughters”,


I love to think of how you will help Japanese mothers to have safer, more satisfying birth. Please always remember that women remember their baby's birth vividly and clearly for all their lives! The kindness and assistance you give them will help ensure their memory will be Very positive!

In the doula spirit,

Penny Simkin​


Phyllis Klaus, Phyllis Klaus

​Co-founder of Doulas of North America (DONA) International

Dear fellow doulas,


To all the doulas who are involved with many families every day, I hope that you will be able to help birthing mothers more than ever before when they are at their most delicate and are going through the most important experiences in their lives. . I am also sending you lots of love and friendship.


With warm feelings and respect,

Phyllis Krause

Original text:

Dear Doula Friends,


I wish you much success in the important work you are doing to help families at one of the most sensitive and significant experiences of their lives.

I send much love and friendship.


Worm regards,

Phyllis Klaus​​


Michel Odent, Mr. Michel Odent


Congratulations on the launch of Doulaship Japan. I think this is necessary care in Japan as well. We value the importance of stimulating the secretion of the shy hormone during childbirth, and we will play our role in contributing to the creation of a time and space where the privacy of the person giving birth is fully respected. please.

Michel Odin


Beverly Beach, Ms. Beverly Beach

​British Bath Activist

Dear Doulaship Japan


When the midwife is unable to provide continuity of care, the presence of a doula is essential to support both the birthing woman and the midwife in order for the mother to have a natural, normal birth.


beverly lawrence beach

​Original text:

Dear Doulaship Japan

While midwives are not able to provide continuity of care a doula is essential to support the mother and the midwife to enable the mother to have a successful normal physiological birth.

Beverly Laurence Beech

Screenshot (87).png

Robin Lim, Robin Lim
​Midwife Developing midwives and doulas from around the world while working to improve community health in Bali

Sending love to everyone at Doulaship Japan
There is something I would like to tell you all. A doula is an essential part of a carer. We need such doulas so much.
There is a real need for people like doulas who provide a variety of non-medical support as mothers' mothers.
Even as a midwife, you can do a better job with a doula. Childbirth is easier, the mother is happier, and both mother and child are healthier.
So, doulas, know that you and your wonderful work are so valuable. I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. With love.

​Original text (from video message):

I want to send my love to Doulaship Japan.  
I want to tell you that doulas are essential caregivers, and we need doulas.
We really need those women who mother the mother in an non-medical way.  The care for them, in so many ways.
As a midwife, I’m a better midwife when we have doulas.  The births are better, the mothers are happier, the mothers and babies are healthier.
So, please doulas, you should really value yourselves, and the beautiful work that you do.
I wan to thank you so much.  I love you.

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