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Effect of Sexual Violence on  Pregnancy and Childbirth

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Sexual violence is happening everyday, in every corner of the world.  It is said that one in four people in the world, including Japan, are victims of sexual violence. Pretending not to see it, pretending not to notice it, pretending it never happened means that sexual violence will never go away.

Sexual violence is violation of human rights. Survivors may experience serious effects in their life and wellbeing.  In particular, when a person who has experienced sexual violence becomes pregnant or gives birth, it can show up in unexpected ways.  By receiving care that makes survivors of sexual violence feel ``valued'' during pregnancy and childbirth, their experiences can be improved, and even become healing and empowering.  In order to prevent sexual violence from being passed on to the next generation, it is important that we recognize the importance of trauma-informed care and practice them.  It is important to learn how to care for others without denying them, assuming that everyone has suffered some sort of trauma.  As a doula who is someone who can ``talk to you about anything, anytime, with peace of mind'' and ``respects you as a person, no matter who you are'' during pregnancy and childbirth.  This unconditional stance can help support anyone who feels anxious or scared toward pregnancy and birth.  We are engaged in the following activities in the hope that pregnancy and childbirth will be a positive experience and will aid in recovery.

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Learn with books 1

“When Survivors Give Birth”
Understanding and healing what happens when women who have been sexually abused as children give birth

This book is written by Penny Simkin and Phyllis Krause, who have been providing pregnancy and childbirth support to survivors in the United States for many years, and is still used as a textbook among perinatal care providers and supporters. This is a translated book.

​A book that will be helpful to anyone involved in perinatal trauma-informed care. You can learn in detail everything from the procedure of a pelvic examination to how to use questionnaires.

Learn with books 2

“Supporting Survivors of Sexual Abuse Through Pregnancy and Childbirth”
~A guide for midwives, doulas, and other healthcare professionals~

A book that gives you a good understanding of the state of pregnancy and childbirth support in the UK, as well as the actual experiences of survivors. The original author works as a doula and childbirth educator in the UK. 

Until March 2024, Japan Association of Forensic Nursing's Reading Meeting  is being held once a month.  If you are interested, please go to their website for details.

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Giving birth with a doula

"You're not alone" Birth Doula Support Project

Doula is someone you can feel safe talking to if you have any concerns during pregnancy. Once labor begins, doula will continue to encourage you until the baby is born. Doula will visit you and provide support so that you can spend your time with peace of mind after giving birth. We match doulas and subsidize doula fees so that by giving birth with a doula, pregnancy and childbirth can be healing and empowering rather than an anxiety-filled experience.

​For more information; inquire from here please.

Our Team

Supporting Recovery from Sexual Violence

​We continue to learn about trauma-informed care to support both the survivors and those who support them.

We work and collaborate with experts in various fields.

Chiaki Shirai
Shizuoka University
​Japan Adoption Agenc
ies Association
Miyoko Nagae
Japan Forensic
Human Care center

Keiko Sugimoto
When Survivors Give Birth​ Instructor

Akiko Kimura
Birth doula/
​Doula trainer

Noliko Utsuzawa
Birth doula/
irth Educator



Consultation and Support for Sexual Violence and

Pregnancy and Childbirth

Training of sexual violence victim support nurses (SANE), treatment and care of PTSD for victims of violence, etc.

From the standpoint of medical professionals, researchers, and support experts, we aim to collect information on the current state of obstetric medicine and women's health, guidelines, etc. around the world and reflect it in actual care.

A council that communicates and consults with private organizations that provide adoption support for the welfare of children.

An organization that aims to create a society where victims of sexual assault can live comfortably. Policy recommendations and surveys on the actual situation of sexual assault, etc.

A site created by adults who regularly receive pregnancy counseling

Support and awareness activities Sexual violence survivors.  Goal is to reduce sexual violence to zero by 2047.

We do not tolerate sexual violence. We hold demonstrations all over the country every month to make our voices heard. Also write your opinion

This public media site aims for a society that eliminates sexual violence that threatens human dignity and reduces the pain of each individual. 

A society where everyone can be themselves

The "You're Not Alone" Birth Doula Support Project is supported by a grant from the "Docomo Citizen Activities Group Grant Project."

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