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Organization overview

Welcome to Doulaship (in Japanese)

Name: Doulaship Japan Association

Address: Chofu City, Tokyo




Established: June 19, 2019


Board Director: Noriko Utsuzawa

Board Member: Akiko Kimura

Board Member: Mariko Yakushiji

Board Member: Kiyoe Ito


Our Activities
(1) Offer meetings, workshops, lectures, on-site tours, etc. to promote birth doulas in Japan

(2) Research on Doula and spread the information

(3) Collect and publish information related to Doula

(4) Compile and distribute newsletters and articles related to Doula

(5) Conduct research and survey on Doula

(6) Make reports to national and local governments, related organizations, etc.

(7) Collaborate and cooperate with related organizations in Japan and overseas

(8) Other businesses necessary to achieve the purpose of this corporation


Our Mission

"Doulaship Japan is an organization run by birth doulas.

From the standpoint of Doula,

we strive to provide information and learning opportunities, and 

create a network between doulas. "


■ October 2008 Established "Japan Doula Association" with 6 birth doulas


■ July 2015 It was featured in the Doula laboratory of Child Research Net ( ).

[Dura CASE] Background of the birth of the 6th Japan's first doula group, "Japan Doula Association"


■ September 2016 Co-Sponsored "Birth Doula Workshop" by Deborah Pascali Bonaro


■ January 2017 Renamed to "Doulaship Japan"

■ March 2017 Sponsored by "Film Screening for Learning International Assistance for Life @ The University of Tokyo"

Introduced the birth doula before the movie "A Doula Story"


■ April 2017 Sponsored by "Rebozo Technique Workshop" by Thea van Tuyl


■ February 2018 Sponsored Deborah Pascali Bonaro's "Birth Doula Workshop"


■ November 2019 Sponsored Deborah Pascali Bonaro's "Birth Doula Workshop"

​Group pamphlet (for the general public)

Screenshot (11).png

We have prepared a pamphlet for those who want to learn about doulas and Doulaship Japan. Please contact us if you are interested.

A4 size tri-fold and double-sided printing.

​Group pamphlet (for medical professionals)

DSJ For Medical Professionals 2021-1.jpg

For medical professionals, we publish information about the role of doulas and messages to doulas from a medical professional's perspective.
​A4 size 5 sheets

Founding Members
Aya Hagino
Birth Doula
Yakushiji Mariko
Birth Doula
Chie Matsuno​​
Birth Doula
Noriko Utsuzawa​​
Postpartum Doula
Akiko Kimura
Love Doula,
Birth Doula
Kiyoe ITO
Kiyoe Ito
Nurse, Childbirth Educator
Birth & Postpartum Doula
Kyoko Takano​​
Admin Doula
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