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Cooperating organizations, individuals, companies, etc.

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Housework, childcare, mother care, etc.
This is a matching site where you can find the perfect professional.
You can search by region and also search for doulas.

We also wrote about doulaships in detail in three articles in the MotherRing Journal.

"The women who created Japan's first doula organization. What is their doula story? | Create your own birth with a birth doula vol. 1-3"

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Umi's house

A place for learning about life, mind, body, and lifestyle in Yokohama City. We plan and hold all kinds of lectures, workshops, and opportunities for discussion related to life, such as childbirth, childcare, food, health, housing, the mind, parenthood, parenthood, play, culture, and support.

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child research net
Doula laboratory

When considering emotional support for mothers and their families during pregnancy, childbirth, and child rearing, we will focus on doulas and introduce research on their history, effects, and current status. We will explore ways to introduce this new profession, which is developing in foreign countries with different socio-cultural backgrounds, to Japan.


The Doula Research Laboratory also features an interview about the background to the birth of the "Japan Doula Association," the predecessor of Doula Ship Japan.

[Doula CASE Edition] Part 6: Background of the birth of Japan's first doula organization "Japan Doula Association"


communication fund

We are receiving funding from the 2023 Docomo Citizen Activities Group Grant Project.

The purpose of this project is to promote the healthy upbringing of children and the conservation of biodiversity in order to create a society in which children, who will be responsible for the future of society, can grow up with dreams and hopes. I support you.”
​From the MCF website

Shimada Kaoru in London

Mr. Kaoru Shimada is an artist living in London, and his representative works include "Mr. Dile Crocodaile".

His creations range from industrial design to children's picture books. ​

The Doula Ship Japan logo was created by Kaoru Shimada.

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