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Published by Doulaship Japan

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Published by Tomoa

Published by Tomoa

  • The Rebozo Technique Unfolded (Japanese translation)

Rebozo is a large stall-like cloth that has been used by traditional midwives and healers in some parts of Mexico, Central and South America.  The cloth and its use were passed down generations in those areas and are considered an important part of their culture.  Rebozo can be wrapped around the body for warmth, or it can be used for relaxation and pain relief during labor and delivery.

Some traditional midwives have been sharing this ancestral knowledge and skill 

with birthworkers around the world in the hopes that this practice will help them with more ability to support birthing families.  

This support technique using Rebozo is called Rebozo technique.

It can provide various support throughout prenatal, birth and postnatal period.


We hosted Rebozo workshops in Japan for 3 consecutive years since 2017.

The instructor was Thea van Tuyl who is the Co-author of the book along with Mirjam de Keijzer.

Together with Mexican midwife Naori Vinaver, they carefully explain the practical use of Rebozo throughout pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum with illustrations.

A word when using Rebozo.
Since Rebozo has been passed down with respect and care among Mexican and Central/South American midwives, we want to remind people who use Rebozo and Rebozo technique to be respectful of the cloth and its use.


Price is 5,300 yen per book, which includes domestic shipping and transaction fees.

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