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It is known that having continued support like a doula during childbirth has many positive effects. for example

Women who received continuous companionship support during childbirth

Comparison without receiving:

  • 8% increase in natural vaginal births

  • 31% reduction in dissatisfaction with childbirth experience

  • 10% reduction in painkiller use during childbirth

  • Labor time reduced by an average of 41 minutes

  • Cesarean section rate reduced by 25%

  • Vacuum delivery/forceps delivery reduced by 10%

  • 7% reduction in regional anesthesia use

  • 38% reduction in low Apgar scores in newborn babies

** An index that indicates the health condition of a newborn immediately after birth, and is an indicator of neonatal asphyxia. It is scored on a 10-point scale, with lower scores indicating poorer health.

Results of a review (meta-analysis) that summarized a total of 27 randomized controlled trials involving 15,858 research subjects from 17 countries

Bohren, M.A., Hofmeyr, G.J., Sakala, C., Fukuzawa, R.K., Cuthbert, A. Continuous support for women during childbirth. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2017(7)

[Doula LABO edition] New coronavirus outbreak and birth attendants
Rieko Fukuzawa (Kishi) (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Tsukuba)

From published on May 22, 2020

Even though the effectiveness of birth doulas has been proven, there are still only a few cases in Japan, and doulas themselves are not well-known.

​This project isBy collecting the voices of people who have given birth with doulas, we aim to accumulate cases in Japan and provide evidence of its effectiveness.


In recent years, it has become more common for women to create and submit a ``birth plan'' at the time of childbirth to tell the medical team how they want their child to be born.

I hope that we will live in a world where people can write, ``I would like a birth doula to accompany them'' in their birth plan, and that request will be accepted.


We appreciate your cooperation.

Voices of people who gave birth with doulas

It was reassuring that you were always by my side!

once again

with a doula

I want to give birth!

My partner also taught me how to give a massage and rubbed my lower back, which was very helpful!




People thinking of giving birth

I want to give birth with a doula too!

Birth Plan: “I would like to be accompanied by a birth doula.”

medical team

If there is evidence or precedent!

​I want to be with you all the time, but it's difficult because there are other patients. If only a doula could do that!

Happy childbirth spreads

We will introduce the voices we have gathered.

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