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  • DSJ Birth Doula Registration

Thank you for registering with us.

We as Doulaship Japan (DSJ) believe that everyone who has a doula spirit -a heart to support others unconditionally- is a candidate for a doula.  Therefore, we think there are wonderful doulas out there even if they don't have a form of certification. 


We do think that certification or proof of completion of a class is useful as one of easily recognized and accepted forms.  It will serve doulas to show your quality and level of services, especially when you accept payments.  We think that clients and society, and doula her/himself/themselves would feel more reliable and accountable with those forms. 


Also we recognize that there are many many certification programs and classes regarding becoming a doula.  We would like to remain open and inclusive to anyone who wish to serve as a doula.  But we feel it is necessary to maintain a certain level of qualification to be a trusted doula.  Therefore, we will ask you to describe your path of becoming a doula and what experience you have or programs you've attended.  Please do not hesitate to contact us to be registered even if you don't have traditional type of certification.  Our wish is that everyone can serve as a doula, and doulas are not exclusive to certain organization or population.  Our doors are open.


Below is an agreement for registration.

I understand that DSJ does not evaluate how individual doula services are implemented; however, if DSJ finds out or it became publicly recognized that I did not abide by following agreement, or is assumed to have bleached the agreement, or the information I provided were inaccurate, DSJ can remove my registration without consultation.


A) If I have medical qualification including but not limited to medical doctor, midwife, or nurse, but serve as a doula, I can provide information and comments based on their qualification to a client.  However, that information or comments is solely for the purpose of giving information and supporting client's decision making and is never meant to replace medical advice of the care provider of client. 


B) A birth that a doula accompanies is supposed to happen under the care of medical professional.  I understand that except in an extreme rare case in which a doula had no control of, under no circumstance, doulas do not attend birth that is not cared by medical professional.  


C) I protect privacy of client and family, and anyone who was at the birth.  I do not share or upload photos, videos, comments, nor anything that relates to private information of client, family and anyone who was at the birth without their permission, to social media or other public sources, nor do I share them with third party.


D) I promise to maintain professional standard as a doula, by always evaluating and improving fair pricing and appropriate behavior.


E) I value other doulas as professionals who strive to respect, recognize, and inspire one other. 


F) I do not discriminate or place judgement on who the client is, where client decides to give birth, or who client choose to birth with.


G) I attest that I do not apply to none of the following;

a) Have exchange or relation to anti-social forces (including but not limited to; a group that promotes use of violence, or a member of such group,  far-right wing group that promotes violence or violent beliefs, and other anti-social forces), or provide financial or other support to those forces for the purpose of maintaining, administering, or managing them. 

b) Have guilty verdict (except minor traffic offense) in the past

  • DSJ Privacy Policy

Doulaship Japan (DSJ) handles all private information (defined in Article 2, Paragraph 1 of Act on the Protection of Personal Information) based on this Privacy Policy.

 1.Individual Information

DSJ handles acquired individual information in regards to Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other relevant regulations and guidelines, and does so appropriately.。


  2.Puropose of Use

DSJ uses acquired individual information solely for the purpose stated in the following, and does not use it for any other purpose without permission of the individual or regulation.

  1. To provide services or information from DSJ

  2. To confirm contents of registration for DSJ Birth Doula List

  3. To distribute message, e-mails, and other correspondence from DSJ

  4. To take survey by DSJ

  5. Other relevant activities relating to above


  3.Disclosure of individual information

Anyone who provided individual information to DSJ, can ask DSJ in regards to disclosure of his/her/their own information (purpose of use, disclosure, correction/addition/edition of contents, termination or deletion of service,  suspension of providing to third party).  DSJ will act accordingly upon verifying your identification.

Contact for individual information is below;

【Doulaship Japan Administration Office/Birth Doula Registration Office

Doula bulletin board registration process

Agree to the above two policies,

Proceed and fill out the registration application form



Training course completion certificate or certificate

ofSend by email to the secretariat

Transfer the registration fee via Paypal or bank transfer (3,600 yen for the first year,

3,000 yen from next year)



Confirmation of bulletin board items

And published!

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