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When using DSJ Doula list, you are assumed to have agreed to the following.   These are DSJ Doula's Code of Conduct, and Site use ground rules.

DSJ Registered Doula -Code of Conduct-

  • Always keep in mind that the fundamental principle of doulas are to be an emotional companion for clients.  And continuously evaluate and be conscious of one's use of language and act to abide by the principle.

  • Understand that Everyone has the right to birth with dignity and respect.  And strive to offer services that best suit the client.

  • Do not perform or give medical advice instead of client's medical care provider, but offer physical and emotional support to fulfill client's wish for the birth experience.

  • Offer information and companionship so that a client is able to make his/her/their own decisions.

  • Be informed and understand psychological and physical condition of a client, and offer information or referral to other professional support if necessary.

  • Support and encourage client to make his/her/their own decision and be confident with the decision through birth experience.

  • Attend birth that is cared by medical doctors, midwives, nurses, or other medical professionals, and pay respect to everyone who surrounds the client.

  • Protect privacy of clients.

Site Use Ground Rules

  • This list serves only for the purpose of clients and doulas to be connected.  Doulaship Japan (DSJ) does not take any part of doula and client's agreement.

  • DSJ does not interfere any correspondence between a doula and client.  If a conflict arises between a doula and client, DSJ does not assume any responsibility.

  • There is no relationship between DSJ and registered doulas in terms of employer/employee, agency/agent, franchisor/franchisee, nor does this list makes up that relationship.

  • Individual information that DSJ acquires through the registration process is kept and managed under DSJ privacy policy. 

  • DSJ will not give information, other than what is published on the site, regarding individual registered doulas when there is an inquiry without permission from the registered doula.  

  • DSJ is not responsible for conducting a background check for registered doulas.  DSJ cannot guarantee that information of doulas are accurate, true, or most recent.

  • Do not use the information on the list to solicit services or goods that are not related to doulas. 

  • To be listed on the site, doulas need to register and pay annual fees.  If a doula fails to renew their registration, he/she/they will be removed from the list.  Once registered, there is no refund even when a doula decides to cancel registration. 

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